Here at Fashion Services we understand that you have a dream. A passion, or an idea that you want to share with the world.

Every dream is different. Maybe you can visualise a product on everyone who passes you on the street. Maybe you want your own online store. Maybe you have just 1 product that you think will improve people’s lives. Maybe you are an already established brand or manufacturer and want to change your business model, even expand. Or maybe you want to turn a handmade hobby into a bigger brand.

Regardless of the person or the idea, every single person I speak to, all tell me one thing…..


…….and the secret?

Total Brand Thinking

There is lots of information on the internet, courses and books that tell you how to do it, great!

Over the years I’ve read most of them and here’s the problem…. they don’t tell you the real issues. They’re vague, incomplete or just simply wrong. And what happens to your dream? You end up wasting all of your money; It takes you months or even years to get anything started, following their advice; Everyone says something different so you don’t know who to trust and you spend every spare minute looking for information which just leaves you with more questions, never getting anything done; And what about the things you don’t realise you need to research because they leave things out?

We know how difficult this is, because we’ve helped over 10,000 clients who have told us so.

Fashion Services is a place where we can help you to build, start or expand your fashion dream, from a single idea to a full fashion brand, regardless of your experience or background. We can provide all the answers or just fill in a few gaps, with information and services. We understand that each dream is unique, and so are you. We tailor every service to your needs, to get the best results for you and the best results for your fashion brand.

How do we do this? The secret is the Total Brand Thinking program that understands a few simple principles that can be easily overlooked

So many people look at the various parts of a brand and think of them individually. This can cause problems, and your customers will see that nothing is consistent. The system that we use at Fashion Services, Total Brand Thinking, is one that Vicky has developed over 20 years of being in the fashion industry, through observation and experience. With a team of specialists that handle all the individual tasks or services you might need, we have one project manager who looks at your big picture and makes sure that everything is consistent. This is the key to making sure that you deliver the right product, in front of the right people, in the right place, at the right time, at the right price.

This simple rule creates sales and happy customers, which translates into sales and a stable business for you.




Fashion Services, is a simple company that works to build every part of your fashion business. The company is run by me, Vicky, but I have a really great team of fantastic fashion specialists, that help to give you their very best. The company has a simple mission, and that is to either get you started in your fashion startup, or to help you expand if you already have a fashion business.

Together, we’ll help your business grow and be a stable, profitable passion.

Whether you are new to fashion and have a great idea, for one product or an entire brand, or you are an experienced fashion retailer, designer, factory or supplier and just want to expand, it doesn’t matter. We are here for all of your needs. We can help support you with over 20 years worth of advice and experience at all markets from supply to retail and even luxury, or we can carry out the work for you. Anything you need, we will help your business get to the place that you want it to be,



We have specialists in every area of your business so you get specific information tailored to you…… and because we’re a contract based service, you don”t have to worry about permanent staff, or all of the regulations and wages that come along with them.

Vicky has over 20 years in the fashion industry which means you get the very best, accurate advice and solutions for every situation. All tried, tested and constantly updated to keep up with the changes in the industry and you get all of that expertise and information with proven results.

We’ve got 2500 brands, built from scratch, under our belt ( and growing )  and over 6000 individual service clients, which means that you can rely on our experience and feel confident in our skills to give you what you want and need for a successful business.

All of our specialists have worked for some of the largest retailers across the globe, and everything we do is to a retail standard which means that you get the same professional systems and services for your business that every large multinational retailer uses for theirs.

We’re flexible which means we can help guide you through the whole process, including doing all of the technical parts, or if you prefer to do it yourself, give you specific targeted advice, or you can just pick and choose the service you need. You choose what is right for you.

Worried about privacy and confidentiality? We take it very, very seriously too. We have examples of every document and service, that have been mocked up for a fake brand. We will never share your work with anyone, unless you ask us too, and if you don’t have a confidentiality agreement, we’ll provide one for you. No problem.

Worried about your lack of experience? Dealing with factories? Don’t worry, with all of our experience, we’ve seen every trick in the book. We know what’s right and wrong and if you want to learn, we’ll show you what to look out for, explain the process and give you as much of our knowledge as you want.

If you have something specific in mind for your brand and we don’t have a specialist that can give you 200%, then we tell you from the beginning. We have never taken on a client where we couldn’t give them the very best of our skills and knowledge which means you won’t waste your time, energy and money on an inferior service that delays your dream

And if all of that isn’t enough, we make every client, big or small, a promise……




Regardless of your size, experience or ambitions, we are in the business of serving people’s dreams, so we make the same promise to everyone who works with us. We promise to

Make sure your business runs smoothly, with streamlined and efficient systems.

Be lawful with all the correct procedures in place.

Make sure that your products reach the right customers, regardless of where and who they are.

Provide you with the best, efficient service possible.

Make sure you have the best people working for you.

Ensure you have all the information to make the best choices for your business.

Get you started on your journey, or expand you to bigger, better things.



Our system is very simple and it works like this…..


I [Vicky] meet with you, or chat with you on Skype and discuss your needs and the services you might need. We discuss your budget, time and requirements for the project and come up with a great solution together. This can be a full solution from start to finish or you can dip in to any of the services we have, at any time.

Like any service, there are occasionally some exceptions. If we can’t help you with something you need, to the best possible standard, I will put you in touch with someone else who can. I don’t believe in doing a half job for any reason. If we can’t give you 200% every time, we just won’t take the work.


I either do the work for you if it’s one of my specialist areas or. I brief one of my fantastic team who will give you just as much as enthusiasm and effort as me.

If it’s a full project will lots of parts, then we all work as a team to get you the best solution and results for your needs.


To make things really simple for you, I act as the project manager, for no extra charge to you, and you can contact me at any point. That way you don’t have to worry about talking to more than one person.


We get the work done and you’re happy with the results. That’s it!