The process of building a fashion brand seems simple. You come up with a specific product idea that could help a particular customer improve a part of their lives, or you have a passion for design and find that others love your ideas, either by accident, social media or by people asking “Where did you get that?”. A fashion brand seems logical.

So maybe you do a little research. What do you find out? The results on your web page are encouraging “5 steps to a profitable fashion brand”; “10 things to do for successes in fashion”; “The 6 mistakes I made creating my fashion brand and how to avoid them”….. The list goes on and on. But if all of these articles are true, why is it that 4 in 5 businesses fail within the first 3 years of starting?

The secret to a strong fashion brand

The answer is, that because fashion is design based and design is the fun part, as a creative person you’re eager to get onto the products as soon as possible. What you’re not told by the internet, blogs, courses and books, is that success in fashion has very little to do with the product on its own and more to do with where, what, how, why and when.

By accident (I hope), the advice you’ve been given, means that your business foundations are often a little weak. These foundations are the key to making your business a success and ensuring that you do what you love, everyday, for the rest of your life. They are all about writing, research, reports and time. Boring for creatives, I know, but necessary. If you’ve avoided doing them, which is understandable, you are definitely not alone, but I am hoping that by being here, you’re ready to make your business and your fashion brand, a success.

There are many parts to building your foundations and if you’ve done some research, you will have come across some already.


When trying to organise each part of the business, you’ll probably think about each of these areas individually and the companies you find to help, will specialise in each area separately too. For some people this is perfect, but when your success depends on all of these elements working together seamlessly, separate companies will only cause you problems.

The world of fashion is also a very unique one for many companies to deal with, especially if they have no experience in the fashion world. The traditional rules for marketing, branding, PR, business and many others, are often wrong for fashion, especially when they are working on only one section of the brand.


At Fashion Services we believe that your brand is unique. With each small cog in the machine needing special attention. But more importantly for success, all working together. All running smoothly, which is why we offer the Total Brand Thinking system.

Alongside some key principles that I’ve observed and proved over and over throughout my 20 year career, I believe that by having specialists in each area to get the best service, you also need a project manager looking at all of the parts as a whole. Making sure that each cog is balanced and working seamlessly with all others that it affects.

The result is that your business runs smoother and you get a more stable, profitable business.

That is where I come in. My name is Vicky and I project manage accounts, to make sure that your brand gets the very best service in all specialist areas, but that they also work together seamlessly.

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I hope to chat to you soon about helping you develop a successful fashion brand.

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