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Every moth we put on a selection of 1 hour seminars on different topics, all around building your fashion brand, as well as in depth workshops and courses for those looking for something a little more in depth. Scroll down for more details on upcoming events and to book your seat.

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Our seminars are 1 hour introductions on various fashion brand and business topics, with action steps you can take immediately to improve your business. They provide an overview so that you can decide if it’s something you want to know more about, but cover accurate and thorough information, so that you can make effective tips and improvements, for those on a budget.

Fashion business workshops and courses have a series of sessions which go into detail on each topic, for those who are serious about developing their brand. Depending on the Workshop or course, they can be taken as a whole course or you can pick and choose the individual sessions you want to attend. Details for each workshop are listed below.

Each Seminar and Workshop takes place in Hong Kong, at the Fashion Services office with plenty of time before and after the seminar to ask Vicky questions and network with others.

Seat numbers are restricted for both seminars and workshops, to make sure that every person who attends, receives a quality service, including question time. Please click on the events below for more details and to book your seat, with an early bird discount.

[ All prices are in Hong Kong Dollars and are taken through Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account to pay with this option. Simply click the links through to the Paypal site and choose the “Pay with Card” option ]


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want to start a fashion brand? then sign up to our course which will set you up the right way.

The FBB or Fashion Brand Boot-Camp is a series of workshops that are designed to be a more hands on approach to building your brand. Each workshop can be taken separately, but if done in sequence, will take you from an idea, through to analysing the sales you will be getting and you’ll leave with a fully streamline Fashion Brand, using our Total Brand Thinking method.

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If you are holding an event and would like Vicky to speak about Fashion Brand Building, or Fashion Business, then you can contact here by arranging a chat with her on Skype. Click HERE to arrange a chat with Vicky.