branding to suit your fashion brand. Done by specialists, we do packaging, and branding design and stratergy for maximum sales branding to suit your fashion brand. Done by specialists, we do packaging, and branding design and stratergy for maximum sales


A Brand Audit is, exactly as it sounds. Since Branding is so important to fashion brand success, especially in an ever competitive, global, retail word, the emphasis should always be on the consistency of your brand message and how effective it is to your customers.

In order to carry out our audit, we’ll look at a number of aspects of your business, including your customers, core values and products, as well as design aspects like logo’s, colours, web layout and marketing materials.

A Brand Audit is recommended for those who already have a brand are looking to expand their business, gain more customers or develop their brand into a new and improved image for their customers. It provides recommendations to make sure that your brand works effectively. It looks at where you are currently and what improvements can be made to create flawless branding for your business.

Each Audit starts with a consultation and conducts thorough research into your fashion brand, which is then analysed and put into a report with recommendations for improvement.

A Brand Audit includes:

Initial Consultation.

Current Brand Analysis.

Price Structure, Quality, Design, Products, Product Availability, Line Dynamics, Brand Values, Logos, Branding Visuals, Staff, Retail Store Location and quantity, Sales Avenues, Sales Avenue Analysis, Sales Avenue design, Communication and Response, Communication Ease, Marketing Media, Promotional Material, Promotions, Display, Presentation, Packaging, Retail Store layout, Touch points- both on and off-line, Social Networks, Social Network Design, Apps, App / Website / On line Avenue Design analysis, Functionality Analysis.

Customer Opinion Analysis

Benchmarking Competitive Analysis

Core Values Analysis

Touch Point Audit

Business Model Analysis

Customer Profile Analysis.

Product Range Analysis.

Social Media and Website

Marketing Analysis.

Each Consultation session is with Vicky personally. The 2500 brands built from scratch; 20 years in the fashion industry and clients that have been with her for 15 years, means that she is definitely the right person for the job and you will get the best possible advice.

Based on 4 weeks worth of research and data analysis, covering all points above that are relevant to your business.

HK$ 50000 per Plan



T’s & C’s

  • Consultations are an initial first stage. We may need to contact you for clarification during this time on any points we research for your Plan.
  • Consultations can be face to face [ if in Hong Kong ] or via Skype for overseas clients. Please still book your appointment via the Appointments Calendar if you are in Hong Kong. You can find the booking page HERE 
  • All meetings are confidential to each person and nothing is discussed with any third party, for any reason, unless you give us instructions to do so.
  • Since ideas and needs can change or adapt during a conversation, we like to make sure that you actually need the service first, but all payments for the Plan part of the service, must be paid before work is carried out.