customer profiling and segmentation services for fashion and apparel brands customer profiling and segmentation services for fashion and apparel brands


A Customer Profile is essential for good sales, happy customers and a strong business foundation. It can increase your customer base by over 20%, but more importantly, it can increase the image that your customers have of your brand, creating fans who will be more loyal and shop with you more often.

A Customer Profile is often overlooked because of the amount of research and time it takes to put one together. The intentions are to do one later on, or when there is more budget, but often that time never comes around. By delaying your Customer Profile, you will also set up your brand in a way that may not be effective for sales and revenue, or waste valuable time and money through more common trial and error methods.

A Customer Profile essentially looks at your business and it’s customers. It researches their needs, wants and behaviours. It looks at attitudes and moral code as well as physical locations and weekly shopping habits, which means that you will be able to make more effective decisions in your business. For example, if we research your customers and find that they are on Instagram, but not very active on Twitter, then you’ll be able to focus your time and energy on Instagram, where it will be more effective.

This document is recommended for brands who are looking to really focus their efforts and develop their existing sales revenue, or those looking to give their fashion brand the best start.

A Customer Profile takes around 21 days to conduct research and data analysis, as well as creating in a full report. If you already have data for your brand, we will ask for access or copies of sales data, Google Analytics and any additional relevant data that may be helpful.

A Customer Profile Report includes:

Customer research for a target market. Details for research are tailored to your brand specifically and cover graphical and psychographic information including:

Gender, Age, Ethnicity, Job, Generation, Family, Marital Status, Life Stage, Education, Income, Social Grade, Cultural Climate, Religion if appropriate to business, Lifestyle, Personality, Attitudes, Consumer Habits, Interests, Key Influencers, Fashion Attitude, Motivation, Opinions and Concerns, plus other criteria depending on the business model and market.

It will also look at main social network research for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest, or any you believe we should look at.

Research focuses on your choice of 2 country locations, to focus the results and differences in locations

Full report with findings, suggestions and notes.

Pen Profile of your target customer.

HK$ 30000 per Plan

Plus additional HK$2000, for each additional country research you wish us to perform



T’s & C’s

  • Customer profiles work better with governmental / industry data and reports. These are available from government websites at a cost. Reports are charged on top of the fees above, but we will never obtain these for you without notification, including price and your written consent. Although they improve the accuracy of the report considerably, they are not essential to the profile and it will always be the customer’s choice to include them or not.
  • Consultations are an initial first stage. We may need to contact you for clarification during this time on any points we research for your Plan.
  • Consultations can be face to face [ if in Hong Kong ] or via Skype for overseas clients. Please still book your appointment via the Appointments Calendar if you are in Hong Kong. You can find the booking page HERE 
  • All meetings are confidential to each person and nothing is discussed with any third party, for any reason, unless you give us instructions to do so.
  • The Customer Profile will be discussed during the Consultation session. Since ideas and needs can change or adapt during a conversation, we like to make sure that you actually need the service first.
  • All payments for the Plan part of the service, must be paid before work is carried out.