marketing plans for fashion and apparel brands marketing plans for fashion and apparel brands

Marketing is how you present your Brand Identity to your customers. For most people, this means a web page, advert or social media, to advertise your goods and services, but in today’s world, of an ever closer global market, marketing can cover so many more elements. Ironically, as the world gets closer online, more people are looking to find ways to connect, face to face, at events.

Marketing your fashion brand, regardless of how you do it, needs to reflect your Brand Identity and the mood you are trying to create with your product or collection, at every touch point you have.

A Touch Point, is any place where your customers interact with you, from your website design, to business cards, to labelling and event stands in department stores. Making everything work together, can be difficult, but with our help, it doesn’t need to be hard, or expensive.

The world of retail is a big one. There are thousands of brands online and thousands of sites stocking multiple brands too. The way you find customers, the way you attract sales, needs to grab attention but remain consistent and authentic to your brand message. It needs to be appropriate. It should create a mood, reflects an ideal and promotes feelings in your customers that they want to have or aspire to….. if it’s done properly.

Think about it like an event. The way ‘you’ [your brand], make your entrance to your event in the world of retail is noticed. Too quiet and you’ll be standing in the corner on your own. Too loud and brash, you might be considered rude or inappropriate and people will stay away….. no, your entrance needs to be properly timed, dressed in appropriate clothes, with enough style and confidence, that people want to be you, rather be jealous of you. You want to inspire and attract the right people to you…. and in this analogy, those people, are your customers.

branding is your clothing. The World of Retail is your event, marketing is how you make your entrance and your customers are the guests.



I have an idea for a fashion brand or fashion business

At the launch of your fashion brand, you’ll be tired. It’s been a long process and you’ve researched, manufactured and accomplished so much. You’ll be excited to get everything out into the world, either online, in store or both. Your brand marketing is something you have thought about but you’re thinking in terms of large campaigns that are in the future, not right now. You’re budget is tight and you need to get selling. To just get your products out there. But have you thought about the impact on sales and your business, that good marketing would have?

I've started a fashion brand but I need helpYou’ve been concentrating on your business and things are going well. You’ve got your social media pages growing and you’re starting to get into your stride. It’s still time consuming and it’s still a lot of effort to sell, but your brand is moving in the right direction. Now it’s time to think about improvements. Attracting more customers and increasing your sales. Making sure your brand has a solid, consistent image that’s clear to those who see it. It’s time to look at what you have and update any items that might not be working well with the others. You need to audit and make improvements

I want to expand my fashion brand or business

You’ve been in business for a while and you’ve done things the way you always have. These methods have worked well for you and grown your fashion brand into a profitable business, but the world is changing rapidly and trying to keep the attention of new and existing customers is challenging. You want more customers and need more sales, but you’re not sure how to improve what you are currently doing. After all, you’ve mastered each method over the years. Maybe it’s time to think about new ways to find customers and adopting new marketing strategies that will complement the old ones.



marketing plans for fashion and apparel brands


Marketing Strategies need to make two things work together. Long term marketing that reflects your brand image as a whole and shorter term marketing that reflects the current collection or product you are working on now, as part of your fashion brand.

With this service, we’ll look at a number of parts to your business and make sure that your marketing and touch points not only reflect the long and short term elements, but that they work together smoothly and effectively.


marketing plans for fashion and apparel brands


Marketing is such a key area of building a successful fashion brand, that here at Fashion Services, we take it very seriously. When you are selling a product that is purely based on aesthetics, or how people feel about the way a product looks, your products must be put in front of the right people. The people that identify with your brand message and love the products you produce.

A Marketing Audit looks at the systems, materials, language and message that you put forward to your customers and how they hear, or receive that message.


marketing plans for fashion and apparel brands


A Touch Point is any point where your customers can connect or interact with your brand both on and offline. This can include all sorts of things including labelling, store design, web pages, business cards, adverts, your staff, social networking, packaging and so on…

Like your business, all of your touch points should be consistent. Not necessarily the same, but consistent according to your Brand Identity. An audit takes all of the touch points you currently have and gives you a report on what areas need improving, redesigning, tweaking or are perfectly good for your Brand Identity.