marketing plans for fashion and apparel brands

marketing plans for fashion and apparel brands



Marketing is such a key area of building a successful fashion brand, that here at Fashion Services, we take it very seriously. When you are selling a product that is purely based on aesthetics, or how people feel about the way a product looks, your products must be put in front of the right people. The people that identify with your brand message and love the products you produce.

A Marketing Strategy is basically a plan of action that helps you to promote your products and brand to potential customers. It’s a plan that looks at your customers and covers; What to say or show those people. How you say or display your message; When you should display your marketing for effective results; Where the most effective places are, to place your message, and Why all of these things will be effective for you particular customer.

All of these things aim to encourage sales from your current customers who already love your brand and promote your goods and services to new customers. Essentially, increasing sales and revenue for your business.

Marketing Strategies need to make two things work together. Long term marketing that reflects your brand image as a whole and shorter term marketing that reflects the current collection or product you are working on now, as part of your fashion brand.

With this service, we’ll look at a number of parts to your business and make sure that your marketing and touch points not only reflect the long and short term elements, but that they work together smoothly and effectively, to promote a strong brand image and message, as well as encourage new customers and sales from current ones.

Our Marketing Strategy has two parts. First we’ll look at your Brand Identity, to make sure that your long term Marketing Strategy is seamless and effective. That you’re staying true to your core beliefs as a brand and ensuring that your marketing is well received, by long term customers. This is our Brand Image Development service or Brand Audit.

Then in Part 2,  we’ll look at the shorter term campaigns for specific products or a collection. We’ll look at how you come up with fresh ideas to attract new potential customers and gain maximum impact, whist staying true to your image.

We recommend Part 1 for brands at all stages of their development. Brand Identity is key to keeping consistency and customers loyal. Part 2, we recommend to those who want to boost their sales and expand their businesses, also at any stage of their fashion brand development.



During part one of this service we’ll do a Brand Identity check to make sure that all of the parts of your brand are working together properly. This is our Brand Image Development Plan for new brands, or a Brand Audit for those already in business, plus key ideas for long term marketing principles based on your Brand Identity.

Both options are slightly different and are specifically targeted for new and existing businesses, but both services start with an initial consultation, with Vicky, to asses which one is more suitable for you and your brand.

Each service looks at either developing your Brand Identity or improving one that already exists, so that we can complete a further report, to show how the core values of your brand, should be shown in your marketing ideas and campaigns. This provides you with an long term Marketing Plan that makes sure your brand message remain consistent and effective over time.

Part 1 is done in preparation for Part 2 of your Marketing Strategy, which focuses on specific campaigns to encourage sales. The costs for each service in Part 1 is included in the prices below in Part 2.





With your long term marketing already streamlined and effective in Part 1, during Part 2 of the Marketing Strategy, we’ll then focus on your short term marketing, for your products, collection or idea.

A complete and effective Brand Image will guide the type of Marketing Strategy you will need in order to promote your brand to the right customers effectively. We’ll work on a tailored Strategy for your fashion business, that will respect the core values of your business, entice new customers, as well as keeping the existing ones happy.

Part 2 of the Marketing Strategy comes in the form of a consultation and then a report. Since every brand is different, each of the options below are tailored to suit your needs as a business. The report will include only relevant information and takes around 4 weeks to complete. It includes:

Initial Consultation.

Product Range Analysis for new products, services or concepts.

Themed ideas and imagery for new campaigns, that are in keeping with your Brand Image and core values.

Social Media and Website campaign strategy. Social Media is also broken down into different platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, and any other relevant platforms for your business.

Event and Community Strategy.

Content Marketing Strategy.

Physical Retail Space Strategy.

Trade Show Strategy.

Physical Promotion Strategy, which includes any additional promotional items that might be relevant to your campaign.

Each Consultation session is with Vicky personally. The 2500 brands built from scratch; 20 years in the fashion industry and clients that have been with her for 15 years, means that she is definitely the right person for the job and you will get the best possible advice.

HK$ 24000 per Plan [ Part 2 only ]

HK$ 55000

Brand Image Development + Marketing Strategy 

HK$ 70000

Brand Audit + Marketing Strategy



T’s & C’s

  • Consultations are an initial first stage. We may need to contact you for clarification during this time on any points we research for your Plan.
  • Consultations can be face to face [ if in Hong Kong ] or via Skype for overseas clients. Please still book your appointment via the Appointments Calendar if you are in Hong Kong. You can find the booking page HERE 
  • All meetings are confidential to each person and nothing is discussed with any third party, for any reason, unless you give us instructions to do so.
  • Since ideas and needs can change or adapt during a conversation, we like to make sure that you actually need the service first, but all payments for the Plan part of the service, must be paid before work is carried out.