Technical or Tech Packs for fashion, done by specialists in fabrics and products Technical or Tech Packs for fashion, done by specialists in fabrics and products



Not everyone can design, has the time, or understands the complexity of design, when trying to attract sales, be relevant to a specific market, keep down cost and provide a fantastic product, all in one garment. It’s just not their gift. That’s OK, you’re great at other things.

Let us free up your time with our range of specialists who are happy to help you build your brand, with retail standard product design and years of experience of working with different brands, markets, customer profiles and products.

Technical Packs for factory sampling and mass production, are key to cutting your sampling costs and are the best way to get the sample right. Each one is done by a product expert, to ensure a professional result, saving you time and money.


Going to a professional for this service, will cost you money, but I promise it won’t be as much as you’ll spend on wasted sampling costs. It gives you the benefit of  that expert’s experience and knowledge of the factory process, without having to spend YOUR time gathering and learning the information, which can take years.

When Napoleon Hill wrote, Think and Grow Rich, he discussed the power of a mastermind group. Basically a group of specialists in different fields coming together to provide their expert knowledge. At Fashion Services, we have grown our team of 40 amazing specialists in different fields, to work on your brand.

Every specialist has worked for the fashion industry in their specialist area.

Each Technical Pack comes with the highest quality of knowledge and experience.

Each specialist creates ACCURATE flat drawings, in the proper Technical Language, [which is so often wrong in other services I have seen]

Every specialist e grades products in various market sizes.

And, each specialist is ready to help you with your production needs.



Technical Packs or Tech Packs for fashion products an garments

A Basic Technical [or Tech] Pack is for sampling your clothing products, that includes everything below and described on this page, except a grading page. They are used to test products by making them into samples before you decide to move forward into manufacturing.

Each Tech Pack includes:

Full garment Flat Drawing CADs with Back, Front and Detailed construction CADs if needed.

All CADs are drawn in retail standard flats [flat drawings].

Size Specification [ measurements ] for sample. Please let us know what body type you would like so we can tailor your measurements to US, European or Asian body measurements.

Each document can take anything up to 4 hours’ worth of work depending on the product type, including colour matching.

They are provided in high quality, pdf format.

HK$ 800 Per Pack

*If your design is particularly complicated or requires a lot of Technical Drawings, it may be charged as an advanced Technical Pack




Technical Packs or Tech Packs for fashion products an garments, with grading for all sizes in manufacturing and sampling

An Advanced Tech Pack includes all details in the Basic Tech Pack with a couple of additions. It is recommended for those who want to pursue manufacturing in different sizes and need a grading sheet or those with a more technical or complicated designs.

As well as the Basic Pack details, the Advanced Pack also includes:

Full Grading Sheet [ A sheet that tells a factory what measurements you need for every garment size ] calculated to your bespoke needs.

Additional construction graphics, close up details or other technical graphics for construction.

Each document can take anything up to 12 hours’ worth of work depending on the product type, detail, construction.

They are provided in high quality, pdf format.

All details above, plus any others, are optional depending on the type of garment and will be calculated per your needs. Specific prices will be discussed based on your garments and discussed before any work begins.

HK$ 1200 Per Pack



Technical Packs for fashion. A book that alalows you to create your own Tech pakcs


T’s & C’s

  • In order to the artwork for you, we will need some sketches, photos or indication of what you want us to do. These are also required if you wish for us to give you a quote
  • All meetings, emails and documents you send us are confidential to each person and nothing is discussed with any third party, for any reason, unless you give us instructions to do so.
  • We will give you a quote before we start any work so that you can approve the cost and budget if needed.
  • All payments for design work, must be paid before work is carried out.
  • Payment covers copyright permissions to be transferred from our designers to you and without payment, you do not own the rights for the artwork to be used in any way.