ttraining courses for fashion brands. Come to events, course and start your fashion brand the right way

Here at fashion services, we understand that you don’t always want to be restricted to hiring people or freelancers, to do work all of the time, especially if you already have great staff. You want to develop the skills of the people around you, or maybe you want to develop your own skills, for career progression or to be a knowledgeable boss.

For those looking to train their own staff, or gain further career development in their chosen field, we offer a number of personalised training options that are not just for fashion brands and designers. We also cover training for factory and non design staff, as well as our technical courses for those looking to sharpen their skills, whether you are from a fashion background, or not.

We cover a number of courses that are currently done in person, but if you are looking for quick, professional, templates, you can find them on our DIY Product Page.

Each training course can be carried out in your own office or location. Alternatively, if you are based in Hong Kong or happy to travel, we can arrange training venues for you, based on your group size.

We are always happy to help you develop you own career or team and if you need any assistance in arranging alternatives for training, please contact us for more details or to arrange an appointment to speak to Vicky.



fashion brand bootcamp. How to start, expand your fashion brand or fashion business from scratch. From idea through to product. Fashion Brand Boot Camp


The FBB or Fashion Brand Boot-Camp has been designed to help those who want to create a fashion brand, but has also increased sales and efficiency, for brands that are already running. It’s a series of workshops that are designed to be a more hands on approach to building your brand. Each workshop can be taken separately, but if done in sequence, will take you from an idea, through to analysing the sales you will be getting.

This series of workshops are a step by step system that takes you through the best practises for a successful fashion brand. With information from 20 years in the fashion industry, 15 of which have been dedicated to building brands across the world, which means you get the experience and insight of tried and tested results of over 2500 brands built from scratch.

We recommend our Fashion Brand Boot-Camp for those looking to start a fashion brand in the best possible way, or those who want to improve a small, existing brand. Those who have been in business for a while, would be more suited to Consultation or our COG Mastermind group.

learn how to create Tech Packs with Technical Pack training for fashion garments and products


Tech Packs are blueprints for clothes and are a key part to building a fashion brand. They show a factory how to make a product. If done well, they can reduce time and money cost through reduced sampling and provide legal documentation for copyright issues in the future.

Tech Packs deal with Retail Standard terminology, graphical layout language and the complexities of machinery, measurements and target markets, which can change depending on the size range you need, fabric you use, the use of the product and any additional processes such as beading, embroidery and printing. There are many variations that can change and move depending on your design.

Since Tech Packs [ or Technical Packs ] for fashion products, can be detailed and complex, we offer a full course on creating Tech Packs from scratch.

We suggest that you speak to us directly, to discuss your options for training so that we can tailor the options to your needs. You can send us an email for more information



Mood board training for fashion brands and factories. To help you understand how to read client and customer mood boards for better understanding and more sales


The world of manufacturing is changing and as it becomes harder and harder for factories to secure orders from retailers. Factories who understand the need to adapt, will be able to keep ahead of their competition.

This training is designed to help increase the offers that you, as a factory, can give to brands and retailers. By the end of the course, you or your staff will be able to receive a mood board from a third party, understand it completely and then be able to source fabrics, trims or design samples, based on the needs of your customer.

Our training has been found to increase factory orders by up to 73%, just by being pro-active and allowing staff to be future focused. Offering clients products before the competition.

We recommend this course for factory staff and non designers who want to know how to read ready made mood boards from clients and additional sources.


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T’S & C’S

  • All courses can be arranged at our office in Hong Kong or at a location of your choice. Additional costs for travel will be added to the price of the course.
  • All content of the courses are strictly confidential and are not used in promotional material.
  • Each course must have a minimum of 8 people, in order to run.
  • Each course is conducted in English. Please inform us if you require additional language considerations.
  • All payments must be completed at least 7 days before the course starts.
  • Attendance can be cancelled, as long as you notify us via email at least 7 days in advance, which includes a refund. Due to the limited seating restrictions for some courses, we cannot offer refunds within 7 days of the start of the course. Any courses cancelled where alternative locations have been arranged, including accommodation and flights, refunds are not given under any circumstances once venues, flights and accommodation have been booked.